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“This book nicely ties the theory of decision management with real-world examples where organizations can make traction today leading them into a better decision management process in the future.”

“Author James Taylor is a longstanding thought leader in machine learning operationalization – the deployment of predictive models to drive business decisions. He and his firm bridge what is often a wide gulf between business leaders on one side and hands-on analytics practitioners on the other. The book is a guide to leveraging the potential of machine learning – delivers the business-level finesse needed to ensure predictive models are operationalization-ready. It’s a great place to start . . . and to finish.”

“Listen to my podcast with James Taylor, the CEO and Principal Consultant of Decision Management Solutions. James is author of the book, Digital Decisioning: Using Decision Management to Deliver Business Impact from AI. In this podcast, we discuss how decisioning has changed in the age of digital transformation, how companies need to break down the decisions they make, how to decide which decisions can be automated, the challenges of bringing AI into an organization, predictive analytics, and how, in the future, companies are going to have to be ruthless with their decision-making. Give it a listen.

  • Peter Schoof
    Managing Editor at BPM.com